Critical and Contextual Issues (5AD008)

10 reasons why people get bullied

While looking up the causes of bullying I came across this webpage that explain why people do get bullied, I have found this page very helpful when creating my protagonist and events that could happen within my game link for website reference Gordon, Sherri . (n/a). 10 Reasons Why Kids Are Bullied. Available: […]

Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is also known as name calling, it can be very hurtful when horrible and nasty things are said, verbal name calling can lead to drive a person crazy leaving them with mental scars lower confidence and it worse cases suicide. Bullies like to try and look tough by picking on a person because […]

Physical bullying

Physical bullying is when your are attacked by another person, the effect of being physically bullied can also give the victim emotional problems for instant, if the attack took place in a forest, the physical attack could leave the victim with mental scars, a fear of the woods because the brain will instantly remember that […]

stories of bullying

while looking at stories about bullying I came across these sad stories where people shared how they was bullied, I find this quite hard to read as I to was bullied but unfortunately most of the stories I have read end up in the victims committing suicide. Even though these stories are sad I am […]

Diffrent types of bullying

While researching into bullying, I believe that it would be a good idea to research into the different types of bullying that is happing. Physical bullying Verbal bullying Cyber bullying I will then expand on theses main three subtitles by looking into their topics such as bullying someone due to their appearance, sexual orientation etc.

Chat with family lives

The image below shows a conversation between me and a member of family lives while asking if I could help people who are being bullied the support worker tells me that they provide support in different areas expect for the area which I live in, which I found quite strange, then it got me thinking, […]

Topic choice Bullying

As we have to choose an issue that concerns the world I have chose to research a topic that I have had the best experience in which is people being bullied, as we all know this happens around the world, bulling can have bad effect on people for the rest of there life, but even […]