Creating glass in Unreal Engine 4

As I waned to learn more about the materiel editor in unreal engine 4 I started off by watching a tutorial about creating glass, it was really interesting to see how the nodes were put together. It also made it easier that I found the tutorial quite easy to work with. The Material editor The […]

Creating my texture

Here i have a texture that I believed would be good for a castle floor, here is the images in different stages of its work link to facebook https://www.facebook.com/CraftyTextures-840971382580112/timeline/ link to twitter https://twitter.com/CraftyTextures link to linkedin https://uk.linkedin.com/in/craftytextures   

How to become a texture artist

So I recently checked out this website which explained how to be come a texture artist, I found it really helpful due to the fact it manly talked about how texture artists are constantly improving there skills due to the amount of software they use consistently.So this means to get to a professional standard within the […]

Modeling and Texturing a door

Here is the model and texture in stages

Modeling and Texturing a door Reference

So I have modeled a simple door and have applied a wooden texture fromcgtextures.com, here is the original reference image I used for this

Creating the crate part 3 model

here is the model with the texture applied to it which also shows progression

Creating the crate part 2 Uvs

so here are the step by stages i went through to creating the box,in the following photos i have posted the uvs to show to progression of the work