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So as I have recently been using odesk to find jobs I thought that i should make my profile more professional, I did this by adding in a salary per hour of my work, and also updating my whole profile as before I believed it was abit sloppy, I will be using this site to find jobs available for part time which will suit the job I am currently after


So as my profile is looking more professional I have been applying for with job roles I am interested in such as texture artist, sprite creating and 2d art. Here is a screenshot of one of the roles I am applying for.


here is a confirmation saying i have applied for the following job application


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10 Year Plan

I have now currently finished my 10 year plan, writing this out has put alot of things in perspective , like the fact if i want to be successful its going to take alot of hard work and alot of time. I am going to make sure that i will be working to the best of my ability. I will not be uploading my 10 year plan to WordPress as I believe it is important to keep in personal to me.

I will make sure that I will be practicing my photoshop skills daily to make sure I will be improving my skills each time, Being part of the game design industry is very important to me its something i have wanted ever since I was a child. I know if i work hard enough i will be able to achieve this goal.

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10 Year plan

I have started writing out my ten year plan for myself and what to expect from being in the game industry, so far I have wrote out my plan for this year and next year, but I will continue to write this later today, As i’m unsure what the future will hold for me I will write out a plan showing my exceptions of where I hope to be at career wise during the time of each year.


As I will be starting up a company with the help of speed plus my aims for this year are to learn the skills that will be helping me with the business side of the gaming industry. I will be hoping to grow our company name by posting updates on our daily social sites such as Facebook and twitter. I am hoping that the company will be able to publish our first game on the mobile marketplace such as android and iOS stores. A personal goal for me this year will be creating 2d assets and putting these on the unreal engine marketplace where people can purchase my work to be used I their own games.


I want to be able to expand our company to be able to create games that can be published on different platforms such as pc, steam greenlight I believe this will give us an opportunity to target more serious gamers. I would like their to be 2 games created by this time and have more 2d/3d assists that have been included on the unreal engine marketplace, income wise I would expect a small profit due to the amount of hard work and dedication.

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Applying for more jobs

So I believe it is a good idea not to limit a job due to its location, so I have applied for a job application overseas, the job is for 2d game artist which would be perfect for me,


Here is the email conformation saying i have applied for the job application


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Applying for jobs

I will be applying for a variety of different jobs within the industry now that both my creative c.v and my professional c.v have been created, below is an email confirming that I have applied for a job at Hawk-eye


I have also recently signed up to a job agency which I believe will help me gain a job within the industry


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Applying for Jobs

Recently I completed my creative C.V, so my idea was to search for indie game company’s where I would be able to send off my C.V and gain a job from the company, I used a website that shows UK indie game studios


I contacted a company known as SoshiGames that are know for creating mobile games here is the email I sent to Soshi games, I will update this post if I get a response


Link to SoshiGames http://www.soshigames.com/

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Skills Set Update

So I have included the following text within my skill sets explaining a brief part of why they are important for me to learn.

Hand painted textures are a very important part of the game industry, these textures will provide a certain art style aspect to the game. I have learnt how to create my own hand painted textures, but I will have to be able to adapt a different art style if that is what the client needs.

2D Designs Creating a different variety of 2d designs is important within the industry, due to the amount of 2D games being produced today I believe it is vital to keep update with the different styles that are being used within games today. 2D designs can then be further developed into what is known as a sprite, which is a series of images that create an animation

Realistic Texturing This is very important in the gaming industry as games are becoming more realistic, they require greater detail in the environment this includes realistic textures. The best way I believe to create these is by taking photos of textures and editing them using a paint programme. The other method would be to find a website where textures are able to be purchased.

Sprites are a form of a series of images being used to create an animation, as the time between each frame can be as little as 0.1 seconds between each other it makes it very difficult to tell that the animation is just images, As I want to get into an industry that is mostly using 2D software this is important for me to learn

3D Modelling An import aspect to understand and learn as most of the job applicants I have been looking for require a basic knowledge of a 3d modelling software. Also modellers and texture artists will work close with each other on projects so it’s important that both are familiar with each work method

Uv Wrapping This is vital to have a good knowledge about this as it is the main rold of the texture artist. The Uv’s will be arranged in a correct order which will be what the player will see the most, this will keep all the high detail in the players view. The uvs will have to overlap in certain ways so it will have a great amount of detail on each selected piece.

Pixel Art Style It is important to be able to adapt to a different style of work, due to the carious amount of styles out there I believe it is important to learn one of the most popular styles out there which is pixel art. This style is used in a number of games today.

Photography – I will need to learn about basic photography. As I will need this to take good quality images of the textures I may want to use, the images will be great references to create textures that I will be able to put within the game.

Material Editor  – These are what can make a texture look great, by adding different values to a texture it can change the way it looks, By understanding how the material editor works I will be able to give the same texture different effects within the game