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Personal Branding

So recently I have been working on some logos that I will use for personal use, I believe after lots of attempts I have came up with a name that I am happy with here are some more designs I┬áhave came up with. In the end this was the final logo that I decided looks […]


So as I have recently been using odesk to find jobs I thought that i should make my profile more professional, I did this by adding in a salary per hour of my work, and also updating my whole profile as before I believed it was abit sloppy, I will be using this site to […]

Job Application

I have found a job application which seems more relaxed then other job applications I have been looking at.This job provides the job applicant to be able to choose the software they would like to use making him/her feel more relaxed. Reference PLAYMIND. (December 30 2014). 2D/3D Artist. Available: https://www.odesk.com/o/jobs/job/_~01563d16938497f79c/. Last accessed 04/02/2015.

Modeling and Texturing a door

Here is the model and texture in stages

Modeling and Texturing a door Reference

So I have modeled a simple door and have applied a wooden texture fromcgtextures.com, here is the original reference image I used for this

Creating the crate part 3 model

here is the model with the texture applied to it which also shows progression

Creating the crate part 2 Uvs

so here are the step by stages i went through to creating the box,in the following photos i have posted the uvs to show to progression of the work