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Creating my own wesbite

Before I had created websites for my portfolio but i have always had the same problem which was the domain name as it would appear with their website in it aswell, I then come across a website which allowed me to purchase to create my own website, business email and domain for only ¬£12 a […]

Photograph and textures

So today I walked around town taking photographs of parts of the environment which I believe which would make great textures. Now i will be going thorough the process of editing them to make them seamless. Here are a few of the photographs i have taken These are just a few of the many images […]


So as I have recently been using odesk to find jobs I thought that i should make my profile more professional, I did this by adding in a salary per hour of my work, and also updating my whole profile as before I believed it was abit sloppy, I will be using this site to […]

Skills Set Update

So I have included the following text within my skill sets explaining a brief part of why they are important for me to learn. Hand painted textures are a very important part of the game industry, these textures will provide a certain art style aspect to the game. I have learnt how to create my […]

Hand Painted Texture

As I want to get to a professional standard within the games industry I must practice daily within Photoshop, here is a hand painted texture I created, I have include several images showing the different stages of the process I went through

Updating my portfolio

As I have been creating new work which was mainly created for the game jam I was able to update my portfolio with more work which shows my skills sets, the work I have added is mainly 2D. I will be adding two new category’s, the first will be a blog where I will post […]

Researching into company logos

While looking into company logo’s and what they mean i came across a webpage which is called The Real Meaning Behind These 25 Cleverly Designed Logos.¬†This website was very useful as it has given me a great insight to some big branded company’s on there chosen designed logo. Here is one of the examples they […]