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changing the uv layout

so finished the model just sorting out the UV’s so it will be easier to texture 🙂 Advertisements

working on a new model

so currently I am working on create a new model, i’m trying to base this of a shop here is the start of it please like and check out my Facebook page, thanks alot 🙂

update on the house

so just been changing some of the textures I think it looks better now, as I said just just to add in glass windows and create the other maps for them

update on the house

so new progress on the house i’m working on, i’m testing out different shades of the brick work, also i will be replace all windows with glass should hopefully be finished by the end of they day

update on the house

so the update on my work in progress i’ve added some different colour bricks, and created a basic colour for the side of it


so I am currently working on a shop here is my progress so far looking forward to texturing this

finishing the underwater scene

I’ve now finished the final part of my underwater pixel scene, I may be taking a short break from pixel art as i would like to practice my other skills such as texturing in ue4