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Personal Branding

So a few days I had a lecture about personal branding, The lecture was all about getting your name out into the industry and becoming recognizable, one of the tasks that was giving to the class was to break down company logos and research what the logo is saying, one of the examples we had […]

Updating my LinkedIn account

So a while ago i created a LinkedIn account, I have noticed that some of the information is not correct, and there is not enough detail in other areas, I have now changed this information to make my account more professional, Changes I have made Professional photo added summery added Wolverhampton university information. Link to […]

Creating A Texture Library

So professional texture artists have there own texture library which are filled with a large variety of their own created textures and photographs, there would be multiply folders for different environments. Here is a website which contains the examples of how texture library are layered out. This is a great reference for me to work […]

Maps On Textures

Here I have found lots of useful information about adding other maps to the same texture to create different effects, This page explains each effect and what effect it has on the textures. Link to Website Reference N/A. (N/A). Types of Maps. Available: Last accessed 09/02/2015.

Professional Texture example

This is the perfect example of great texturing,this is an image taken from the triple A game Skyrim, The texture work for these games are fantastic. The textures have no seem lines on them.The light reflects off the textures in a beautiful way. Each texture will contain a variety of different maps on them such […]

Good Texture Example

So this a good texture example of a red barrel, In the texture they have added in numerous layers of overlays on Photoshop giving the texture multiply details. The bump map really brings out the small dots and fine detail of the texture giving it the appearance that there are marks/scratches on the object Link […]

Bad Texturing Example

So as I have been comparing good and bad textures I am able to witness the differences between the both of them, The example i have below is a bad texture, The image has been stretched to cover the map, this has stretched the pixels making the image blurry and unrecognizable. Link to website¬† Reference […]