Avatar Research

Gaming changes you ?

While looking for information that suggests to me that avatars can change the way we act I came across an article which is called Top 10 Cases of Extreme Game Addiction, while reading through these articles I cam across one that intrested me . The article was about a young man called Zhu Caoyuan who […]

what video games can do

While having a browse on the internet I found a page where the extreme lengths of addiction to video games this story was about a 13 year old boy who become addicted to World of Warcraft. He believed that he and his avatar was real which is what I believe has gave him the suicide […]

The effect of video games

While looking for information based on the effects of video games I came across a page which was called top 10 cases of extreme game addiction, after reading through the stories I came across one which I found more interesting than others, the story was about a male who wanted a sword for his avatar […]

Avatars can change us ?

While having a good search on the internet I came across an article on edge magazine, the article provides research by Nick Yee and Seung-A Jin. An interesting part of the article for me was how they interacted with the gamers and created tests for them to gain more accurate results. Seung-A Jin created an […]

Better game characters by design a psychological approach

1.2.3 Baby faces In this chapter Katherine talks about how the faces of an avatar can make us judge them just based on their facial image. She talks about baby faces in this chapter and how the public find people with baby faces are more trustworthy and dependent. To me this shows that we all […]

Player created Avatars

Name: Lucy Winkett Born: 1968 Occupation: Precentor of St Paul’s Cathedral Game Played: Church of fools Average hours spent per week in-game: N/A Lucy uses her avatar to give out reading from the bible to other players, she does this because she believes that her ways reach out to more people. The bond between Lucy […]

Can A Video Game Lead To Murder?

After looking at research that changes the behaviour of a person I found an interesting article about a teenager who shot 3 police officers after play months on the game Grand Theft Auto, after reading through the article it seems that after killing so many police officers in the game it had psychologically gotten inside […]