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FFD box and Smooth

Using to videos I was able to create my shapes using both of these tutorials and they have both turned out very successful, but more importantly to me I have learned new tools and techniques for 3ds Max that will help me create more realistic designs, using the modify FFD box and the smooth tool […]

Gaming changes you ?

While looking for information that suggests to me that avatars can change the way we act I came across an article which is called Top 10 Cases of Extreme Game Addiction, while reading through these articles I cam across one that intrested me . The article was about a young man called Zhu Caoyuan who […]

creating my door

Today from Jon Miles I learned how to use the swift loop tool to be able to create my door without putting objects on objects. By following Jon’s instructions I was able to successfully create my door using 3ds max and the resizing it in UDK. I was also taught how to extrude objects and […]

creating a ladder

As I wanted my character to be able to climb up ladders on my level I found this tutorial which shows how easy it is to create the movement of a character climbing up a ladder to do this I had to create a builder brush that was slightly larger than my created ladder object, […]

Creating the flashlight

I want my level to have a creepy feel to it and as little light as possible so I began looking for tutorials about adding a light to my character that would act as a torch/flashlight. This tutorial showed me how to accomplish that goal of mine. The torch works successfully when the player moves […]