Creating my own wesbite

Before I had created websites for my portfolio but i have always had the same problem which was the domain name as it would appear with their website in it aswell, I then come across a website which allowed me to purchase to create my own website, business email and domain for only £12 a […]

Personal Branding

As I wanted to create my own business cards I decided to research into business cards that have stood out and why they have stood out. I found a link to a site which is called the 45 top examples of a business cards, while looking through these I have noticed not alot of them […]

Personal Branding

So recently I have been working on some logos that I will use for personal use, I believe after lots of attempts I have came up with a name that I am happy with here are some more designs I have came up with. In the end this was the final logo that I decided looks […]


Today we had a lecture about creating a Swot, As I have never completed one before I was very interested in what Swot is. I found out that Swot is short for Strength Weaknesses Opportunity Threats. Each section must be filled in. I have also found out that Swots are also used alot within the […]

Photograph and textures

So today I walked around town taking photographs of parts of the environment which I believe which would make great textures. Now i will be going thorough the process of editing them to make them seamless. Here are a few of the photographs i have taken These are just a few of the many images […]


So as I have recently been using odesk to find jobs I thought that i should make my profile more professional, I did this by adding in a salary per hour of my work, and also updating my whole profile as before I believed it was abit sloppy, I will be using this site to […]

10 Year Plan

I have now currently finished my 10 year plan, writing this out has put alot of things in perspective , like the fact if i want to be successful its going to take alot of hard work and alot of time. I am going to make sure that i will be working to the best […]