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creating a realistic animated sky dome part 2

after creating the image that would be used for my sky dome it was time to create the animated sky dome, David a member of our team found a tutorial on creating the sky dome, by following all of the instructions I was able to create a great looking realistic sky dome here is an […]

creating a realistic animated sky dome part 1

I started of by creating my own clouds using Photoshop, I created the clouds by creating at 2048 x 2048, I then changed the fore and back colour to a sky blue and white I then used the filter diffuse clouds until I found a mixture of patterns that I believe resembled clouds, I created […]

Prototype 1

Here is my first prototype, the basic idea is to be able to move the boxes to a position by the wall so that the wall can then be jumped over.

2D Camera set-up

As we now have to make a prototype version of our game, I have researched how to set up at 2D camera within UDK and have found a great tutorial which taught me how to set up the camera view, but it has a few problems at the moment for example to camera moves when […]

3D Game Textures

I purchased this book, and have found it very helpful with creating textures that look detailed within my game environment, I would recommend this to anyone who would like to become a texture artist as i have learned many new skills from the book reference Ahearn,Luke (23 Mar 2006). 3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game […]

UDK Material Basics: Glowing with Emissive

while looking into textures within UDK I found a very useful tutorial that shows how to create a glowing like texture link for video reference Chris Holden. (May 24, 2013). UDK Material Basics: Glowing with Emissive. Available: Last accessed 02/02/2014.

35 Excellent Photoshop Textures

as my role is lead texture artist of the group I will be researching textures in more depth, i found this helpful website which shows 35 amazing textures along with tutorials for each of them. link for website reference Vandelay Design. (JANUARY 23,2014). 35 Excellent Photoshop Textures and Backgrounds Tutorials. Available: Last accessed […]