Platform evaluation

UDK Radial Texture

I attempted to following this tutorial but I had problems with it as my texture would not rotate within kismet link to video Advertisements

creating sand texture

by following this tutorial I was able to create a sand effect for the beach in our game link for video

normal maps

as I need to create quite bumpy textures for the level I decided to follow this tutorial which has showed me step by step how to do it. link for video

creating a lift using UDK

by following this tutorial I was able to successfully create a working lift in my level link for video

creating a rock texture

using this fantastic tutorial I have now found out how to create a realistic rock texture link for video

Creating a rock texture

Using Adobe Photoshop I was able to create a rock texture from a blank canvas to do this I started off creating wavy lines as an outline for the rocks and then filled them in with different shades of grey. I was then able to experiment with different filters until I found one which worked […]

Creating the first puzzle (Platform evaluation)

So today I used UDK kismet and matinee to create a puzzle, the puzzle idea was a combination of 4 wheels with images or text on them and they have to either spell out a word or match a picture together by rotating these wheels. I started of by designing the wheel in 3DS Max […]