I found this interesting space arcade game called Trid3nt, I gave it a quick play but personally I found the gameplay not enjoyable, in fact I found it quite boring, But what I did find interesting was its visuals. I like how the symbols are created there is a simple outline showing what that symbol […]

Raiden Trad

Raiden Trad is a spaceship shooter but instead of side scrolling it scrolls upwards, what I liked about this game was that you are not only fighting enemy‚Äôs in their air there are also on the ground instead. The spaceship has two primary weapons the first one looks like giant bullets which shots all the […]


While looking at classic 2D space games I came across a website that will let you play the old arcade classics at I found the space shooter Asteroids, this is a classic game with no detail but still contains a lot of fun. The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand which makes […]

R – Type

While looking at space games I came across the video game R-type it had got my attention because of its appearance the first thing I noticed about It was the front of the ship was glowing light blue, it stood out from the rest of the game which has made me think that the tiny […]